The Kubota L1500 (2wd) and L1500DT (4wd; DT= Dual Traction) share the same components other than the 4wd system. They are equipped with a two cylinder diesel engine. The L1500 was a Japanese release only tractor. These used tractors have been imported into Australia in recent years and are sometimes referred to as "Grey Imports"

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Product no.: 3780783
1x Kubota L1500 Fuel Filter

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Product no.: KC22502
Radiator to suit - L1500, L175 Tractors

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Product no.: 3780785
1x Kubota L1500 Air Filter

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Product no.: KF1500-1

Kubota L1500 Filter kit - includes 1 x "spin-on" engine oil Filter 1 x Fuel filter 1 x Air filter element. Please note that some L1500 models had a Element style oil filter, please check yours before ordering.


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Product no.: KF1500-2

1x L1500 spin-on oil filter. Please note that some random L1500 tractors used a element style Oil filter. Please choose correctly.


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